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Build a reliable, on-demand and trustworthy transit service with zipgo Commute, a full-fledged platform to support every need of your operations, drivers and customers.

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Running a travel service today can be overwhelming.

While running day-to-day operations, you need to constantly tap into new technology to maximise your returns.

Problem 01

Our customers should be able to view our transit schedule, book a seat & pay anywhere, anytime.

Problem 02

Our customers should not have to stand at a stop for 30 minutes, waiting for the bus to arrive.

Problem 03

Our drivers need not memorize a route. They should have real-time navigation on their dash.

Problem 04

Our drivers should be able to identify the customer boarding/deboarding.

Problem 05

We need to activate customers who haven’t taken a ride in the last 90 days.

Problem 06

We should provide a monthly pass for our service, since that’s what our customers request the most.

Problem 07

It’s a public holiday tomorrow. We need to know if drivers will be performing their trips.

Problem 08

We need in-depth route & trip reports sent daily to optimize travel times for our customers.

There is a better way

We provide a platform, complete with web & mobile apps, in-depth management tools and round-the-clock support, to make your life easy.

Setting up your inventory & getting your first booking has never been easier. With Google Maps powering our routing algorithms, we ensure that you have the most efficient & optimal transit schedule for your inventory.

Visualize Routes

The days of long-drawn, on-ground research to create your route are over. Use our Route Visualizer, which ingests customer ridership patterns, real-time maps information and crowdsourced route suggestions, to identify demand hotspots in a zone and draw out an optimal route.

Create new routes

Creating a route stop by stop can be a pain, so we’ve provided plenty of bulk import/export actions for you to set it up. We also update the route directions periodically, based on up-to-date data from Google Maps.

Add your buses & drivers

For buses, you can save their layouts, type, their registration number and pictures to help customers identify them. For drivers, you can upload & store their documents, save their bank details for payouts and view their trip history with you.

Create trip schedules

Create your transit service schedule for as many days as you wish to. Set up a pricing plan for customers and payment plans for the drivers for each trip. Control minute details like when you want to stop accepting bookings per trip.

From running our own operations in 6 cities in India, we understand that there can be a lot of events, which happen daily, that can cause unexpected disruptions in your service. So, we’ve built a few features to help you overcome them.

Driver Support dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard built for dispatchers to ensure drivers adhere to operational goals of attendance, starting trips, stop reaching times and route deviations.

Bus live-tracking

For each trip, you can see where the bus is in the journey, how long it’ll take to reach the next stop, the route it’s taken so far & any deviations from the specified route. It’s updated in real-time and you’ll be proactively notified if we’re unable to fetch the driver’s location.

Adhering to operational goals

We also capture additional info like the driver’s distance from the exact stop when he reached the stop, the minimum speed of the bus captured near the stop and the waiting time of the bus at the stop to help you achieve core operational metrics.

See where your customers are going, filter bookings that need immediate attention and create bookings on behalf of customers.

Manage bookings in transit

Filter your bookings based on trip, date or status. You can also see details like the distance covered in the booking, final fare paid by the customer, and the pickup & drop-off stops.

Transfer bookings (unplanned events)

If a scheduled trip could not be started due to unforeseen events or if the bus breaks down mid-trip, you can easily transfer all or selected bookings of that trip to any other in just a few clicks.

Phone bookings

Provide a complete phone booking experience for customers who might not have access to a smartphone. Create bookings on their behalf and they’ll be instantly notified via SMS about their trip.

Many ways to pay

Accept payments for customers, in any way they prefer. Integrate the payment gateway of your choice to accept digital payments, or you can accept cash payments from customers via the bus driver or your own offices.

Increase customer loyalty by incentivizing customers to book more with targeted marketing campaigns. Get their friends and family onboard your service with rewarding referral campaigns.

Monthly passes

Create and sell monthly passes, that customers can purchase at anytime and use to book rides on your service. These are a great way to increase customer loyalty and you can also use them to provide trial rides to newly signed up customers.


Incentivise referrers with ride credits for successfully referring their friends and family to book rides on your service. Referral campaigns have at least 50% better conversion rates than wide-field marketing like Facebook Ads.


Send push notifications to your customers about upcoming promotions and new route launches. You can also show in-app popups & banners to inform customers about critical service-related announcements.

Payment Offers

Offer extra, earnable “ride credits” to your customers for booking and completing rides on your service. Customers can then redeem these for a free ride, thereby increasing their satisfaction and excitement with your service.

Just as important as engaging customers is providing exceptional support for their issues and queries. We’ve built a word-class all-in-one tool into zipgo, that’ll automate most, if not all, of your customer support processes.

Create and manage agents

Your support agents work alongside you on zipgo. Create and manage them from the dashboard, specify their working hours, control their access to the system on a granular level & get in-depth reports into their performance and turnaround times for support queries.

Customer Support Dashboard

By integrating with a cloud telephony provider of your choice, our Call Centre dashboard fetches all the information of a customer automatically when they call – this includes their ridership history, payment history, referral activity, ride feedbacks provided and complaints raised so far.

Quick Actions

The Call Centre Dashboard has quick action buttons so that agents can create a booking, change a customer’s booking preferences, provide a status of the vehicle on journey and much more in just a few seconds.

Ride Feedback

We’ve made it mandatory for customers to provide feedback for every ride they take with you. We also surface feedback from customers that need immediate attention, so that you can take corrective action on them right away..

Leverage our technology to better understand every segment of your business. Get actual, actionable insights into what your customers want, where your routes can be optimized and how you can improve your occupancy.

Integration with app analytics

We’ve integrated our driver and customer-facing applications with our platform and other world-class analytics tools like Flurry and Firebase by Google. You’ll be able to slice and dice data on customer and driver behavior as you need.

Crowdsourced Route Suggestions

Let your customers directly tell you where you should be focusing on next. They can suggest routes and provide their own preferences for travel, which we’ll ingest and visualize for you to build your next route.

Email reports

We’ll help you dig deeper into your service with in-depth reports for operational and business performance. Get daily reports on revenue, driver behaviour, occupancy, seat-km utilization, customer support queries resolved and much more.

The Driver App is the backbone of our software stack, enabling your drivers to carry out their trips with ease and minimal distraction.

Turn-by-turn navigation built-in

Your drivers don’t need to memorize their route; we’ll provide them with turn-by-turn navigation for each stop within the app. And unlike other partner applications from Uber or Lyft, our navigation is built into the app. Your drivers don’t need to constantly switch between apps.

Real-time audio and visual directions

Our Driver uses audio and visual cues intelligently to provide directions in real-time. For example – when the driver is 200m away from the stop, he is informed about the number of passengers he has to pick up and drop off with an audio message.

Reaching a stop

When the driver is reaching a stop, the map zooms in and shows the exact location the driver has to stop at – both on the map and with a picture of the stop itself. Upon entering the stop’s geofence (which is a 50m wide circular boundary around the stop), the customer is notified that the bus has reached.

Minimal interactions

When a driver is on his journey, we make sure that he/she does not have to tap on the screen to get new information. When he receives a new booking in the middle of a journey, we minimally update the screen so that he is aware of the booking, but not distracted from driving.

Operating a bus is complicated as it is. So, we built our Driver App to ensure that it does not come in the way of their job.

Boarding customers

The driver can board each customer onto the bus by marking them boarded manually from the app, scanning a QR code stored on the customer’s device or by ultrasonic sound fingerprinting. You can switch between the methods from your Operations dashboard.

Logging “no-show” customers

If a customer does not show up for their ride, the driver can mark them as “no-show” from the app. A customer’s no-shows are tracked throughout their lifetime and they are proactively warned about it to avoid being blacklisted from the service.

Automating interactions

We also automate actions that the drivers might have to take. Example – when the driver reaches a stop and the vehicle’s speed is zero, we automatically open the screen with the list of customers so that the driver can mark the customers as boarded or de-boarded.

The Driver app is not just to service customer’s requests. You can also build a long-lasting relationship with your drivers through transparency and communication.

Trips & Payment History

Your driver can log in to the app anytime to view their upcoming and completed trips. They can also view the history of all the payments they’ve received from you till date for each trip.


Like your customers, drivers can be notified instantly about service changes and critical information via push notifications. Similarly, in the case of a vehicle breakdown, your driver can instantly notify you about the breakdown from the app, instead of having to connect with you via phone.

Gone are the times when customers would have to go through multiple steps to try out an app. With zipgo, they are just two taps away from discovering your service. Oh, and we also collect information that’ll help you optimize your service for your customers right from the get-go.

Social sign-in

We make it easy for to sign up quickly and seamlessly by connecting their Google or Facebook account. When a customer signs up with one of these accounts, we gather the most relevant data automatically. Customers can also sign up without their social accounts, by providing their phone number or email address.

Travel preferences

We also ask your customers to save their preferred locations and timings for travelling, so that we can easily suggest the timings that most suit their needs. This also allows you to understand what customers are looking for and how best they can be served in the future.

Customers will feel right at home with zipgo. Our app provides a modern, easy to search view (that’s very similar to a cab booking app), intelligent trip suggestions based on their preferences and history, and multiple payment options for booking a ride.

Discover trips

Our Route Recommendation Engine intelligently provides visual suggestions of the stops closest to the customer’s request. Alternatively, customers can also filter trips based on time of day, location and zone.

Select a trip

For each trip, customers are shown all the relevant information they need to make an informed decision - Journey time, the type of bus, seat availability, pricing, route the bus will take on the map and other areas the bus will be going through.

Pay with zipgo Wallet

After your customer decides which trip they wish to book on, they can pay for it in just one tap with zipgo Wallet. We designed the wallet as an internal store of money that customers can load once and pay for rides easily, without needing to enter their card details every time.

Pay with Monthly Pass

Alternatively, your customer can also book rides with a Monthly pass, that they can purchase at anytime from within the app. Monthly passes, if active, are automatically applied on a booking, thereby making booking a ride as easy as can be.

After your customer confirms their booking, they are shown a one-stop, comprehensive screen to track their ride, access support, identify their pickup point correctly and more.

Live location of bus

Customers can see the exact location of their bus on the map, and they can also see the real-time ETA of the bus to their stop. In case customers are not tracking their vehicle, they will receive a SMS or push notification when the vehicle is nearby.

Safety is key

We provide a prominent SOS button on the app, in case of emergencies. Customers can also set up to 5 ICE contacts on the app, and they can also share a link of their real-time journey with their friends and family

Identify pickup stop

If a customer is not familiar with their pick-up stop, they can get directions to their pickup stop. They can also see the nearest landmark and view a picture of the stop from within the app.

Support, in the palm of their hands

In the case of delays or changes in plans, customers can tap a button to directly contact the driver or your telephone support team.

Your customers can easily and quickly inform you about a hassle or a non-ideal situation they came across during their booking or journey experience.

Mandatory feedback

After a customer has completed their ride, we make it mandatory for them to provide feedback. Customers provide a rating (out of 5 stars) and if the rating is less than 4, the app automatically asks customers to highlight which area of the service they might be facing an issue in.

FAQ and phone concierge

FAQs, as well as the support phone numbers and email address, are available in a separate section of the app. FAQ content is shown to the customer based on their position in the lifecycle. For example - a customer who made his first cancellation is shown cancellation policy-related information at the top.


Customers can view all the latest offers, promotions and service-related news from your service via an in-app Facebook-like news feed or through push notifications.

There’s no doubt your customers will love your service. Leverage it by selling unique passes and packs, and by enabling them to bring you more riders like them.

Monthly passes

Customers can purchase monthly passes at the beginning of the month, and use them to book rides on your service. And to further increase your customer’s stickiness to your service, you can also allow them to purchase “Unlimited” monthly ride passes. Don’t worry, we’ve made sure there’s no way it can be abused.

Value Packs

Customers can also purchase Value Packs, which are time-limited ride or discount packs. Discount Value packs apply a fixed percentage discount on every booking automatically and with Ride Value packs, customers can pre-buy a certain number of rides in bulk at a discounted price.

Refer & Earn

Customers can refer their friends and family to try your service. When they successfully complete a referral, customers will receive Ride Credits, a virtual currency that they can redeem to book a ride.

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